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not exactly a blog, but a place to post visuals that need a home.

all art on this page is copyright dancingmonkeys, 2005 all rights reserved


August 29, 2005

John's drew this on a sticky. Arna goofed around with the colour bg in photoshop.


August 28, 2005

A drawing by Arna for a personal project.


August 28, 2005

A Painter sketch by JvB titled GOSSIP.


August 25, 2005

Here's a quick sketch by John done with pencil and brush marker. Arna scanned the drawing and added the gel tone and texture in Photoshop.


August 24, 2005

Welcome! This page is the beginning of an illustration site by Arna Selznick and John van Bruggen.

We hope you enjoy it. Please feel free to email us your comments.

We call it 'sketchnight'.  Not exactly a blog but a place we will post mostly visual bits that need a home.

Here's the first:


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