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Welcome to the homepage of dancingmonkeys (AKA Arna Selznick and John van Bruggen).


It's season's greetings time again. Have a good one everybody!

Fall 2008: John completed scripts on Busytown Mysteries, while Arna wrapped up her last 5 storyboards on the final season of 6Teen. Now we're both working on new projects. More on these soon...

In 2007 and spring of 2008 John contributed scripts and Arna contributed storyboards on Toot And Puddle, an animated adaptation of the wonderful Holly Hobbie book series. Check out the show on Noggin in the US and Treehouse in Canada.

2007 Arna finished an 8 month story gig on Total Drama Island, a cartoon 'reality' show. Check out Total Drama Island's very own blog!

February 3, 2007: Check out some of our Flickr images. We're the 'Doodlers' on Flickr:

Found Art the doodlers' Found Art photoset

December 22, 2006: Click here for our little Flash SWF greeting card :)

September, 2006: Wow! The summer flew by. We'll be bound for the Ottawa Animation Festival soon where we are pitching a new show. Maybe we'll see you there?

, 2006: John wrote scripts and Arna storyboarded on Ruby Gloom, a very groovy looking animated series helmed by director Robin Budd. Check here for samples of some of Arna's storyboards on other recent productions.

May, 2006: Arna completed storyboarding on a 6Teen special, after contributing four boards to the series. 6Teen director, Karen Lessmann, tells us that 6Teen, currently airing on Teletoon weekdays at 7:00 pm, is #1 on Teletoon!

April, 2006: Arna wrapped up her work on storyboards for the 3D show Miss Spider's Sunny Patch Friends, a Nelvana/Absolute Pictures co-production, airing on Nickelodeon in the US and Teletoon in Canada. Miss Spider is directed by Neil Affleck and Lynn Reist.

John has several script writing gigs on the go. He completed work on scripts for Season 2 of Miss Spider's Sunny Patch Friends (keeping it in the family). In 2005 John scripted an upcoming Franklin feature, FRANKLIN AND THE TURTLE LAKE TREASURE, currently in production.


In 2004 the 'monkeys' created five pilot episodes of Coolman! for NELVANA'S FUNPAK, an animated anthology series airing on YTV.

March 20th 2006: Two Coolman! episodes, DEEP SEA BLUES and HOOTCHY KOOTCHY HAIKU compete in the ANIMATED SERIES category at 13th International Festival of Animated Film in Stuttgart, Germany, APRIL 27 – MAY 02, 2006.

October, 2005: Coolman! episode HOOTCHY KOOTCHY HAIKU screened at the Ottawa Animation Festival! Hootchy Kootchy was accepted in the competition category of TELEVISION SERIES FOR ADULTS at the festival in September, 2005. Please click here for our (blog) report on the festival.

September 19, 2005: Coolman! DEEP SEA BLUES, written by John, screened in competition at The Chicago International Children’s Film Festival (Oct. 27th to Nov. 6th). DEEP SEA BLUES was animated entirely by our friend Steve Whitehouse. He also storyboarded this 5 minute episode and adapted all our character designs to Flash. Kudos to Steve!

April 27 to May 1, 2005: Coolman! selected to screen in the INTERNATIONAL SHOWCASE section (TV SERIES FOR ALL AUDIENCES) of Cartoons On The Bay

April 7, 2005: The Coolman! episode A DAYDREAM IN THE LIFE was the winner of week 9 of FUNPAK on YTV.

Click on these images to see QuickTime clips (approx. 1 meg. each) from the first 5 Coolman! episodes:

view quicktime clip
view quicktime clip
view quicktime clip
view quicktime clip
view quicktime clip
Visit YTV's FUNPAK to check out your favorite shows, or cut to the chase and check out Coolman!

February 23, 2005: Read about Coolman! (and his creators) on Aaron Simpson's cool website coldhardflash:

Cool and His Gang, Part 1

Cool and His Gang, Part 2
Cool and His Gang, Part 3

December 19, 2004: An episode of COOLMAN! aired in the Nicktoons festival. Read a review of DEEP SEA BLUES here.

Talented animator Steve Whitehouse of W.A.I. was our Coolman! FLASH animation designer. Creator of MR. MAN, Steve storyboarded four of the five Coolman! shorts and animated the DEEP SEA BLUES episode.

Arna Selznick is a director, storyboard artist and designer for animation. Arna's CV.

John van Bruggen is a director and script writer for animation. John's CV.

2005 Doug Wright Awards: Max Douglas was nominated in the category of BEST EMERGING TALENT. Link to the salgoodsam icon on the left to visit the site of Max Douglas -- comic book artist, illustrator and Arna's son.

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